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Story Writing Contest-Medievalbrick

In order to thank the members of the Facebook group for their active contribution to the Amazing Medieval MOC 🏰 group, we specially held this story contest to give back to the group members and make this group better.

Contest specific rules and awards 🔥🔥

Story Writing Contest 🔥🔥🔥 You Are The Best Storyteller👍👍👍

Time: June 9-15

🏆🏆Prizes: Blind Box Gifts (could be castles, trains, viking huts or whatever, all possible)🎁🎁

Everyone can participate, please use your imagination.🎉🎉🎉
Rules: Choose a picture from the two pictures below, tell the story from the picture, write the story you think of in the comments, the story can be fictitious, and @MedievalBrick, The two stories with the most likes will get our prize. To get more likes, try writing a longer story.

Winners will be announced on June 16.🏆🏆(two winners)

The contestants include Oonal Ihhsan, Nicolas Ramel and Russell Adam Hoad. Let’s take a look at their stories.

First, Oonal Ihhsan

Seeing fireballs falling from the sky, the people desperately sought shelter. But it wasn’t the fireballs that were raining down, but the flames the dragon had spewed out. The dragon that landed on the tyrant king’s castle was spitting out the wrath of the true owner of the throne. That night never ended and and the city lit up as if hundreds of meteors had hit the kingdom. By morning, an entire city had been burned to the ground.

At sunrise, only the people who lived in the suburbs and took shelter in the cave by the river had survived. The new king, on the other hand, planned to send his troops to slaughter the survivors because of his unrelenting anger and greed. For these unfortunate people, the new king was also far from bringing peace and tranquility. But there was another army on the move in the early hours of the morning: The comrades of autonomy! According to them, if the people created wealth, the right to rule should also belong to the people. They dreamed of a world without privileges, without dynasties.

Unfortunately, the king’s army outnumbered the comrades of autonomy. Besides, the king had three fully-grown dragons. The only power that could help the comrades would be if the sorcerer comrade cast a spell to immobilize the dragons. However, the minerals required for this spell were hidden in the kingdom’s underground crypt. Therefore, a vanguard force had to sneak in there and bypass the guards.

Keeping this plan in mind, the comrades formed a volunteer unit as soon as they reached the riverside where the people were hiding. A team of 5 of the best swordsmen sneaked into the ruined castle as soon as darkness fell. The king’s soldiers were in the lethargy of winning the war. They expected no counterattack. In this way, the volunteer comrades who reached the mines in the crypt took all the minerals they could get with them and went on the way back. It would take exactly three days for the sorcerer comrade to cast his paralysis spell. They might not have had enough time for the mixture that had to be brought out to the first rays of the sun three times. As a matter of fact, the king, hearing that the crypt guards were dead, sent scouts in all directions.

On the night of the second day, one of the scout troops noticed the activity by the river and sent word to the king. The king, who learned that there were still people who did not recognize his reign, got on the biggest of his dragons as the sun rose and set out for the river. But suddenly something happened that he never expected! Soaring in all its glory, the dragon crashed to the ground with its king! The king’s army advancing from the land could not believe what was happening. Even if their king died, they wanted to continue the operation and punish these rebels. But the comrades of autonomy were more faithful to their cause and more angry than the regular army. Hundreds of dead, one overthrown king, and three paralyzed dragons remained after the war that lasted for three days and three nights. Now the common people would establish a new world where there were no privileges and no dynasty.

Second, Nicolas Ramel

In the year 1689 the king reigned over a vast and fruitful territory, but greedy for wealth he sends are armed to the coquette of the greatest wealth to keep by an infamous dragon many men of valiant warriors perish. By a miracle the treasure was taken to the castle of the king proud of his loot he did not think that his arms had just pissed off the dragon.

In rage and ready for anything, he last crosses the mountains the oceans smells of his booty, he finds the king’s castle he lets go of his rage and is annoyed by several breaths of an unimaginable heat of rumbling he devours absolutely everything after several hours the castle was completely destroyed the king disappears in yet another fireball, the dragon did not take back his loot they took possession of the smoking kingdom

And today keep the most precious treasures waiting for a new invader.

Third, Russell Adam Hoad

“The siege had lasted for longer than any other for the region. It had started just on the cusp of the warmer months. Just after the harvest had been completed and all the crops had been put into deep storage. While this worked in favor of King Traldard and the people of Istrinbridge, in truth it wasn’t completely necessary for their continued survival through the siege. This was in part the fact that the castle of Istrinbridge sat beneath the tallest of 3 large mountains to form a valley wide enough to hold the kingdom with fortuitous farmland that supply its citizens with more crops than they would need in a year. The three mountains were joined together by way of smaller mountain ranges in the shape of a large V, with large impassable cliffs that spanned across all but a roughly 30km of the opening at the top of the mountain formation. This opening that fell between the two most northern mountains had long since had fortifications built by the ancestors of Istrinbridge to protect the farmers for long enough to make it back to the safety of the kingdom and the protection it afforded to its people.”

“While the forces at the disposal of King Traldard were many, they would not be able to keep the superior army belonging to Merraliund, king of Bricaster, from breaching the northern fortifications for much longer. They had held their own for four months now, and the cracks had started to show within the planning of King Traldards men. It was slow, and well hidden from the citizens, but the supply drops at the wall were happening less often now.

The King was expecting the invading forces to breach the wall within the month, it had held well but the damage inflicted would mean that King Merraliunds’ men could breach the wall with a lucky strike, and, when that happened, he did not want anything of value to the invaders to be left behind.”

“The people of Istrinbridge were proud of their home and held both respect and love for their ruler, a man who had proven himself to be a worthy ruler many times against many Kings and Lords of other lands that had attempted to take the bountiful land that sat between these mountains by force. They were willing to continue living under the threat of invasion once the enemy breached the outer walls, in the hope that the supplies of the enemy would run dry before they made it within the walls of the kingdom. They were also willing to arm themselves and help protect their homeland and people within should the enemy supplies look like they would outlast their own. It was also a well known fact that the people of Istrinbridge were required to undergo a 6 month combat training within 2 years of becoming an adult. This would mean that, if it was to become apparent that the forces of King Merraliund would outlast the supply of the people of Istrinbridge, the ensuing battle would be long and bloody.”

Final winner

Thank you for your active participation, and because there are only two winners Name, but Nicolas Ramel also actively participated in the competition, so I also plan to give him free building block accessories as a prize.

I hope the members who did not win the prize can actively participate in the competition next time, and the next winner will definitely be you.

First: Russell Adam Hoad

Second: Oonal Ihhsan

Third: Nicolas Ramel

Let’s look forward to the next story contest, cheers.

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