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Pros & Cons: MOC L4 Engine Kits VS L6 Engine Kits

Inline four-cylinder and inline six-cylinder engines are two common engine types that differ in many ways. Here are some of the main differences:

Number and arrangement of cylinders: An inline four-cylinder engine has four cylinders arranged sequentially in a row. An inline six-cylinder engine has six cylinders, also arranged in a row. The way they are arranged makes the difference in engine size, with six-cylinder engines generally being longer than four-cylinder engines.
Power output: Due to the difference in the number of cylinders, inline six-cylinder engines generally have higher power output than inline four-cylinder engines. Each cylinder of a six-cylinder engine is larger, capable of burning more fuel and therefore producing more horsepower. The power output of the four-cylinder engine is relatively small and suitable for daily driving.
Vibration and smoothness: Because the six cylinders of the inline six-cylinder engine are arranged in sequence, it has better vibration balance. In comparison, an inline four-cylinder engine produces more vibration and noise. This difference in vibration balance makes the six-cylinder engine smoother and quieter when running.
Fuel Economy: Inline four-cylinder engines are generally more fuel efficient than inline six-cylinder engines. Because it has fewer cylinders, it uses fuel more efficiently and produces more horsepower. For those owners concerned about fuel economy, the four-cylinder engine may be a better choice.
Repair costs: Repair costs for inline six-cylinder engines are generally higher than for inline four-cylinder engines. Because its structure is more complex, it requires more repair and maintenance work. The structure of the inline four-cylinder engine is relatively simple and the maintenance cost is relatively low.

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