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New MOC-71657 Saber Island Review

Reviewed By František Hajdekr ,Youtuebe video : is a website that offers a wide range of creative gifts for people who love building block sets. The website features various themes, including medieval architecture and pirate islands. One of the popular building sets on the website is the MOC-71657 Saber Island.

Basic Parameters

The MOC-71657 Saber Island is a modular building system that can be easily dismantled and reassembled. The building set comes in a large packaging box that contains all the necessary parts to build the island, without any unnecessary filler materials.

The MOC-71657 Saber Island is designed by SleeplessNight, and it is part of a complete theme series available on The building Pirate Island  set is priced at $129.99, making it an excellent gift for anyone who loves building with bricks. 


Feelings after Unboxing the Actual Model

The set includes over 1440 pieces, and the model weighs around 1.346kg, including the net weight of all parts and the USB flash drive.

MOC-71657 Saber Island is a beautifully designed building blocks set that captures the essence of a seaside building. The set comes in the PDF form document stored on a USB flash drive included in the package, making it easy to distribute and storage. The instructions are easy to understand and clear, ensuring that building the model is an enjoyable and stress-free process.


The quality of the building blocks is top-notch, and all the parts are compatible with other kits. The color scheme is also stunning, with white, yellow, and gray colors combined to create a beautiful seaside vibe. The blue plate used to represent the water level is a nice touch, and perhaps a transparent plate could also be used for this purpose.


Immersive Experience

The model is relatively easy to build, with a six-year-old player being able to complete it on their own. The building uses a modular design, allowing for easy disassembly and reconnection of the upper levels. The upper portion features beautiful railings and delicate eaves that are impressive.

Building the Saber Island is a fun and engaging activity that requires attention to detail and patience. The building set includes various components, including towers, bridges, and houses, that are connected through a network of pathways and staircases.


 The buildings and structures are designed to resemble a pirate island, complete with hidden treasures and secret passages. The MOC-71657 Saber Island is an excellent example of the creative potential of building sets. It allows individuals to express their creativity and imagination through the construction of a unique and intricate model. The modular design of the building set also makes it easy to customize and modify, allowing builders to create their own unique version of the island.

Details in the Whole Model Set

One of the standout features of this set is the attention to detail in the interior design. The small decorations on the building walls and the realistic parts used for the mini crabs make it feel like you are at the beach. The building itself is exquisite, with every aspect of it crafted with care. The colors are pleasing to the eye, and the signs of aging, like damaged plaster or railings, give it character. 


At the top level, there is a banner and a single telescope for observing the surroundings of the island. On the floor, you can see the entrance to the first floor. The most detailed interior decoration is on the first floor, which appears to be an office. The table, armchair, shelves, or a pendulum clock can be seen in this space.


The exterior is also impressive, with each window and door featuring original decorations. An interesting element at the bottom is the side staircase and palm tree. Building the sloping walls may be a bit challenging, but the end result is well worth the effort.


A Fly in the Ointment

However, some fly in the ointment is that there are no minifigures and stickers in the block set, which means that there are no minifigure accessories and you do not have a corresponding comparison to show the proportional size of the model set; on the other hand, since it is not equipped with stickers, the top layer of the block set has a flag that is not so vivid as you can see.


To sum up

There are many advantages to building blocks sets in the pirate theme. Here are a few:

Encourages Creativity: Building with pirate-themed building blocks sets allows individuals to explore players’ creativity and imagination. They can create their own unique pirate-themed models, and experiment with different designs, colors, and shapes.

Develops Fine Motor Skills: Building with blocks requires precision and dexterity. As individuals manipulate the blocks to fit together and create their model, they are developing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Enhances Problem-Solving Skills: Building blocks sets in the pirate theme often require problem-solving skills to construct complex structures. Individuals must use critical thinking to determine the best way to fit the blocks together and create a stable structure.

Promotes Social Interaction: Building with pirate-themed building blocks sets is a great way to engage in social interaction. It can be a fun activity for friends or family members to work on together, promoting teamwork and communication.

Inspires Imagination and Storytelling: The pirate theme is full of adventure and excitement, which can inspire individuals to use their imagination to create stories and scenarios around their model. This can help to enhance their language and communication skills.

Provides Long-Lasting Entertainment: Building blocks sets in the pirate theme can provide hours of entertainment, as individuals work to construct their model and then use it for imaginative play. This can provide long-lasting entertainment for children and adults alike.

Overall, building blocks sets in the pirate theme offer a range of advantages, from promoting creativity and fine motor skills to inspiring imagination and storytelling. They are a great way to engage in a fun and educational activity that can provide hours of entertainment.

If you’re looking for an exciting and detailed pirate-style brick set, you might want to check out the MOC-71657 Saber Island, which is a beautiful and realistic model that is both detailed and aesthetically pleasing. The building process is also enjoyable, making it a great set for fans of building blocks.

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