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Medieval Pirate Castle MOC Review – Medievalbrick

This review about Medieval Pirate Castle Comes from František Hajdekr .You can follow his Youtube Page. let’s see what he has to say about this MOC.

I have been looking forward to building the medieval pirate castle MOC sold on for a long time, and now I finally have it! Well, after all, who is not curious about a mysterious pirate castle?


This model looks just right to people like me who don’t like designs being too complicated. Of course I am not saying that building this MOC makes people feel bored, or the model comes with no design to speak of. This medieval pirate castle MOC is instead one of the most cost effective sets I’ve seen.


Now just read more to check this set and learn more about the details!


No matter how good the product is, people can not afford to wait too long, and this is a fact that can not be denied. I was a little worried that the shipment would take a long time; nevertheless, the package arrived in just seven days, which was quite a surprise to me.

The set was carefully packed in a solid offset printing carton, which ensured that every part delivered to the customer in perfect condition.

Instead of coming with a paper manual, the set includes instructions in PDF stored on a USB flash drive. The manual storage method is definitely an eco-friendly design, and there is another thing that makes me really happy – I can use the included USB flash drive to store other data, which is a coincidence because I just need a new one for the storage of my personal files. I have to say that the instructions are relatively easy to understand, and children as young as seven are able to follow the steps to build. Personally, I would say that the instruction manual affects the construction effect of the assembled model. Obviously, medievalbrick does a good job at it.


The set includes 1498 parts with a number of accessories for mini figures (tools, weapons, etc.) in them. All the parts are fine, smooth to the touch, and compatible with LEGO. The colors of the parts are well matched, mostly white, with some gray, as well as blue parts for water and red and yellow parts for the base and some details. So far, the set does not include any mini figures, making the final display scene look a bit dull and less fun, which is kind of disappointing. The set does not include any stickers for flags, banners and shields either. It would have made the whole set more surprising if there are subsequent improvements.


Unlike what most people think of as a pirate castle, this is a small fairy-tale castle with a solid construction. The appearance of this castle is not much of a drawback from overall, but the lack of stickers makes the shields and banners look a bit dull from the front.

The gate can be opened by lifting the grating that can be fixed in height up with your hands. However, it would be even more exciting to install a gate switch on the side of the castle to raise and lower the grating to a fixed height. There is no drawbridge in front of the castle, which is a bit of a shame. Despite the imperfections, the castle will surely be one of the most prominent medieval buildings.

The castle can not be folded or made open, though. I don’t really care about that cause I think the castle is just fine the way it is and no more changes are needed. The white and yellow walls with green climbing plants are surrounded by pink flowers floating on the water along with a small boat, which makes sure that there is no extra space.

The pirate castle also boasts an interesting interior coming with a lot of details, including a forge, a fireplace, a small chimney, a cloakroom, a well, an anvil, a well-equipped armory as well as a staircase leading to the roof and a shelter for criminals and rebels. Anyway, here you can find the essential elements of a medieval castle. See the ramparts with walkways? They speak volumes about a fact that this MOC is more suitable for display with medieval mini figures. And I strongly recommend displaying the castle with knight figures placing on it.

I would give this MOC set 4 out of 5 for showing such a cost-effective product designed with so many details for a medieval theme. It’s not perfect, of course, and as I said before – it doesn’t include stickers or mini figures, which is a deficiency for the final display of the castle. What I’m happy about is that the end result is exactly as advertised. This medieval pirate castle MOC is definitely worth buying.

What do you want to say/ask about this MOC? Leave a comment and let me know that. 

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