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Lion Knights’ Archery Range Detailed Review by Lux.bricks


Greetings, fellow admirers of medieval wonders! I am LuxBricks, a passionate designer for MedievalBricks, and today, I am thrilled to share an enthralling adventure with you – the creation of the remarkable “Lion Knights’ Archery Range.” As a craftsman of medieval-themed MOCs, the journey to design and build an archery range was an absolute delight. In this blog entry, I shall take you on a captivating voyage through the building process, the brick quality, and the emotions that imbued this MOC with heart and soul.


The Building Process

The journey of constructing the “Lion Knights’ Archery Range” was a joyous one, filled with wonder and discovery. For the most part, the building process flowed seamlessly, guiding me through the creation with ease. However, I must acknowledge that there were instances where the instructions lacked absolute clarity. Yet, seasoned builders should not have any problems with these minor hurdles.

As I laid each brick with meticulous care, the archery range began to take shape before my eyes. The unfolding story of the Lion Knights’ world unfurled like a tapestry, inviting me to delve deeper into the lore and history. With each stage of construction, a new chapter emerged, stirring my imagination and evoking a sense of awe for the era of chivalry and valor.


Brick Quality

The bricks that constitute the “Lion Knights’ Archery Range” are good. The overall quality of the bricks is commendable, ensuring a sturdy foundation for the archery range’s captivating design. The seamless fit of each brick reinforced the structural integrity of the set, promising a creation that will stand the test of time.

However, it is worth noting that the trees within the set possess a delicate nature. While they lend a touch of elegance and authenticity to the scene, they warrant careful handling during assembly and display to prevent any unintended damage. Despite this, once the archery range is securely constructed, the trees serve as enchanting elements that elevate the medieval ambiance.



In my opinion, one of the most striking features of the “Lion Knights’ Archery Range” is its captivating color palette. The selection of colors has been thoughtfully curated, creating a harmonious symphony of medieval beauty.

Moreover, the intentional coordination of colors allows the “Lion Knights’ Archery Range” to seamlessly integrate with the grand “Lion Knights’ Castle.” (10305) This foresight ensures that the archery range is not just an exquisite standalone creation but an excellent addition to the broader world of medieval sets.

Subtle Color Deviations

In the meticulous examination of the tiles used in the set, one might observe small color deviations. While some might see this as an imperfection, I believe these subtle differences add a touch of authenticity to the medieval world we seek to recreate. The charm of the past lies in its uniqueness and imperfections, making each creation a reflection of the human touch that crafted it.

In a way, these tiny color variations celebrate the human artistry that brings our passion for medieval history to life. They are a reminder that the world we build is a tapestry of individual stories woven together in harmony.


Important Informations

One important point to mention is that there are no printed bricks in the set. That means, that the shields are grey and the targets are white round tiles. The only printed parts are the 1×1 round wood tiles. The set also does not contain any minifigures and animals.


As I set out to design and build the “Lion Knights’ Archery Range,” I was really, really excited. Every step of the process infused me with a sense of awe and reverence for the age-old tales of knights, castles, and archery contests. It was a journey of heart and soul, connecting me with the past and kindling a passionate desire to inspire others with the beauty of medieval times.



In conclusion, the “Lion Knights’ Archery Range” is a testament to the allure of the medieval world and the dedication of MedievalBricks to deliver exceptional creations. The building process, while occasionally presenting minor challenges, was a journey of discovery and wonder. The brick quality provided a sturdy foundation for the dreams we build upon it.

The beautiful colors and the thoughtful integration with the “Lion Knights’ Castle” make the “Lion Knights’ Archery Range” an great addition to any medieval collection.

My emotions throughout this journey were of gratitude, humility, and a deep appreciation for the magic of medieval history. I hope that this creation, like many others from MedievalBricks, will spark the imagination of fellow enthusiasts, transporting them to a world of knights, archery, and the timeless spirit of chivalry.

May the “Lion Knights’ Archery Range” inspire countless adventures and breathe life into the grand tapestry of medieval wonders that continues to captivate us all.

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