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Building a Titanic Engine Model Kit MOC Bricks

Dear valued customers and friends, today I am delighted to introduce to you our new moc engine model blocks, which is based on the famous historical passenger ship, the Titanic. The Titanic engine model bricks is an accurate and scaled-down replica of the engine used in the Titanic ship. It showcases the construction and operation of the steam-powered propulsion system used in the Titanic. This model is incredibly realistic and helps people better understand the engine system of the Titanic ship and appreciate the magnificence of the engineering technology at that time. Whether you are a history enthusiast, an engineer, or a ship enthusiast, this engine model is a fascinating and enjoyable display. Now, let’s explore more details about this model together!

The Titanic building block model is a highly accurate reproduction product that reproduces the appearance and details of the Titanic in a 1:22 scale. This model is made up of high-quality building blocks, each of which has been carefully designed and crafted to ensure the stability and durability of the model. You can assemble these building blocks into a beautiful Titanic model by hand, making you feel like you are in that legendary era. The Titanic building block model is not just a toy; it is also an opportunity for learning and exploration. During the assembly process, you will learn about the construction process of the Titanic and the miracles of ship engineering. Every detail of the model accurately reproduces the engine structure of the Titanic, including the crankshaft, cylinder, piston, valve, and lubrication system. By assembling this model, you can gain a deep understanding of the history and design of the Titanic. What’s more, you can observe the internal layout and details while assembling it. You can also manually rotate the crankshaft and piston of the model to simulate the operation of the engine during the Titanic’s voyage. These special features increase the fun and interactivity of the model, allowing you to experience the charm of the Titanic more vividly. The Titanic building block model is suitable for people of all ages. For young teens, it is an opportunity to exercise their hand-eye coordination and creativity. For history enthusiasts and Titanic fans, it is an opportunity to get close to their beloved ship. For engineers and designers, it is an opportunity to understand ship engineering and structure. This engine model also has an electric drive system. After completion of assembly, just connect it to the generator at the bottom to start operating. You will have a better and more intuitive understanding of how the engine on the Titanic drove such a huge object through the frozen North Atlantic Ocean. Whether you want to collect a unique commemorative item or find a special gift, the Titanic building block model is an excellent choice. It is not just a commodity; it is a reproduction of history and an opportunity to get close to the Titanic. Let’s assemble this model together and feel the glory and legend of the Titanic!


The model is highly detailed, which includes:

scale: 1:22

overall look – every detail, that could be designed with bricks, has been reproduced

rotating crankshaft with moving pistons, eccentrics and valves (powered by two electric motors)

working reversing engine (Brown’s engine & valve gear)

working turning engine (manually)

main piping


four individually shaped cylinders with detailed covers



The instructions contains very detailed steps and notices, so non-experienced builder should be able to build it as well. 

Build the beating heart of the legendary RMS Titanic and see how it looked and worked! 

Turning engine and turning gear

Eccentrics & Stephenson’s valve gears

Top view at high-pressure cylinder, steam input valves and exhaust pipe


View at the steam input pipe (bottom), exhaust pipe (top) and reversing engine (bottom left)

Physical information

Width: 21cm / 8.2in                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Length: 56.5cm / 22in                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Height: 40.5cm / 15.9in                                                                                                                                                                                                                Weight: 6.2kg                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Note: Titanic had two such engines, however the MOC covers only the port side engine.

Get it Now!

In previous versions, this model did not receive widespread recommendations due to some design flaws. Now our improved version is about to be launched. Order now and congratulations on receiving a legendary Titanic’s beating heart, which weighs 6500g and measures 56.5x21x40.5cm in length, width and height. Take a look at its appearance and working principle!                                                                                 It has a reel engine and reel device, an eccentric wheel and a Stephenson valve gear, a high-pressure cylinder, steam input and exhaust pipes, steam input pipes, exhaust pipes and other devices.

 Thank you for reading

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