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Build a MOC Turbofan Engine kits That Runs

The building block set moc-133571 is newly designed by levihathan. It takes us into the wonderful world of aircraft engine operation. Still following the standard configuration of Medievalbrick, all printed parts are used. Although there are not many printed details, the step-by-step instructions are extremely detailed and extremely friendly to novice players.

The most eye-catching part of this set is the fixed bracket used to support the aircraft engine. Once completed, the beam can move up and down via the rocker arm below, realistically simulating real mechanical movement. However, if the gear is installed too tightly, it may cause the beam to not move up and down smoothly. To avoid this situation, players should adjust the gear clearance according to the instructions in the building manual, which can greatly improve the smoothness of the overall operation.

The architecture inside the aircraft turbofan engine blocks is equally fascinating. Its internal structure is complex and interesting, and the various parts are cleverly combined to form a perfect whole. The turbofan part of the engine and the gear set are all built with building blocks, and the visual effect is stunning. What’s even more amazing is that once these parts are in place, they can be connected together, truly simulating the working mechanism of an aircraft engine.

Overall, this building block set will take you into the world of aircraft engines. The rich parts and interactive gameplay will undoubtedly bring endless fun to players. Especially the realistic mechanical linkage parts are even more fascinating. It not only exercises your hands-on ability, but also gives you a deeper understanding of this complex system during the construction process. There is no doubt that this building block set is not just a toy, but a unique tool that can help you understand the process of starting an aircraft engine.

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