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bricks_fan_uy Designes Fright Knights Castle Sets

🦇 🏰 Fright Knights Castle – The barbican
Been working on and having fun with a castle for the Fright Knights lately. My posts from last week might have given me away on that 😂

Since there’s a number of sections to it, and a few play features too I thought I’d take it slow and spread this across a few posts, so bear with me here please 🙏🏻

This is the barbican section, the first tower to defend the castle. Right off the bat (see what I did there 🦇) visitors with encounter a steep and sinuous walkway up to the gate, and a huge red stone with the Batlord’s seal on it… If you press the black bar on the side of the tower it starts emitting a strong red light that would make enemies wet their pants immediately 😨 (Thanks @an_old_knights_progression for letting me know of the existence of that trans red rock piece with the bat in it!).

In case that wasn’t enough of a scare, as soon as they breach the gate, you can activate a sliding floor that will get the intruder to fall in a dungeon under the tower… classic Lego castle trap, that will work half of the time, like some classic Lego castle traps 😆.

Hope you like this and stay tuned for more!

🦇 🏰 Fright Knights Castle – The bridge and the keep
Up next is the bridge section leading to the main tower!

The main tower has a lot going on inside so I will have to leave that for a future post, but the bridge was a good way I think of breaking the dominating gray color of the castle with a touch of reddish brown as well as hiding the trap cell under the barbican.

As you can see in the other pics, this sections are modular so you could choose not to use the barbican, or the bridge, in case you need the space for something else 😉

Who knows what’s that green gucky water underneath it though!
Looks a bit dangrous with that skeleton patrolling it axe in hand…

Hope you like this little bit of castle too, stay tuned for the rest of it!

🦇 🏰 Fright Knights Castle – The Ruined Tower
Last but not least, the tower of the dragons. This is the tower where the black dragon and her baby dwell. As you can see, Fright Knights have been recently feeding them a few enemies and like most dragons they have their own treasure to guard in their abandoned, half ruined tower.

On would think the dragons are the most dangerous thing to consider when trying to take this castle, but the truth is, with Willa’s magic… the whole castle is just as menacing.

The green thing in the moat… ugly pumpkin humanoids coming out of the ground… the weird red light coming out of the gate… and… THE MONSTER HIDDEN IN THE WALLS!!!!

To make the walls pop out and the sinister moster show its teeth just push the wall in, from the inside like it’s shown in the last slide!

Hope you like this so far, I’m gonna make just one additional and final post with all the modules and then I’ll quit nagging you all for a while!

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