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Best MOC Viking Village in 2022 by brick_fan_uy

Best MOC Viking Village in 2022 by brick_fan_uy

Medievalbrickpage: has many sets on display on, and provides a beautiful range of Nordic and Viking-inspired builds to feast our eyes and create charming, inexpensive and accurate villages and settlements populated by your Nordic Lego minifigures. Today we will discuss the primary viking collection created by the builder, as well as some special mentions for some sets that I particularly enjoy.



The “Viking collection”, a set of charming builds inspired by the Nordic style, primarily utilise browns and tans as their primary colour scheme, to represent the wood and straw building material used. The builds relies on a series of rounded bricks with 1×1 and 2×2 dimensions, as well as log pieces to represent the wood construction of each of the huts and provides texture which breaks up the wall. The roof builds all contain a uniform 90 degree angle structure, and shows snow realistically melting down the rooves, and – a rare perk – the high number of studs combined with grate bricks provide a lovely straw-like texture.

If there was any criticism to be made of the builds, I would love to see a greater variety of browns used, even the use of some dark tan bricks on the walls, to show the wear and lack of uniformity that exists in wooden structures. I also would love to see a greater variation in shape and scale of the builds, with less completely flat walls and rooves. The second of the builds really shows this, and the tower on the black-roofed building gives some nice height variation, but more of this would be super interesting.

Another collection set I am particularly fond of from this builder is their medieval sets. The use of traditional castle styles in this modern and original set is charming and combines it with many newer techniques and brick types to create an impressive and well-designed set.

I am impressed by the shape of the build and the use of different surface areas as you move up the build. A simple tower could have used a basic square base, or perhaps added a single piece of height variation or depth. This build, however, includes 5 separate silhouette changes as the build moves higher, and expertly uses slopes and flat surfaces to create variation.

I am also a huge fan of the use of depth and colour, particularly on the doorways and the white/brown quarters build, as it hugely breaks up the monotony and flat surfaces that medieval builds such as this one can fall foul to. Furthermore, the use of moss at the base creates a wonderful colour contrast, and makes this unique build stand out as not just a boring grey castle, rather flourishing with yellows, reds, blues, and greens.

If I was to improve this build in one way it would be the creation of the rooves – the entirely flat roof on the right-hand side leaves some to be desired, and something more textual and with depth could make it better. Furthermore, the roof at the top of the towers’ use of slope pieces is traditional but somewhat outdated and could use with some more imagination. Overall, however, this is an amazing build and shows the talent of the builder.

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