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Best 6 Alternate Builds for Forestmen MOC Set | Medievalbrick

Best 6 Alternate Builds for Forestmen MOC Set | Medievalbrick

LEGO fans, rejoice! You know you’ve got the LEGO itch again. That irresistible urge to tear open a new set and start building something epic. But you’ve built all the official LEGO castle sets and you need something new to scratch that itch. Well, do we have the solution for you! Forget the instructions, forget following the rules – it’s time to get creative with some alternative LEGO Forester build sets that will transport you to a world of adventure.

In this post, we’re going to show you the top 5 Forester MOCs that will unleash your inner child and spark hours of imaginative building bliss. From a rustic woodcutter’s hut to a full-on forest fortress, these alternative build sets have everything you need to create your own medieval forest kingdom scene. Grab your models and get building – adventure awaits in the forest!

What is LEGO® Alternate Builds?

Are you obsessed with LEGO® castle themes and always looking to build something new? Then you’ll love LEGO® alternate builds – unique creations made from the same set of blocks in different ways. No instructions required – just open the boxes and start building! Let your creativity run wild, place the parts in fun poses, add details and decorations. Before you know it, you’ll have an entire LEGO forest world of your own creation.

Endless Building Possibilities

With LEGO® alternate builds, the possibilities are endless! You can recreate scenes from your favorite movies, build models of vehicles, creatures or structures, or design something completely original. The only limit is your imagination.

New Challenges for Expert Builders

If you’ve built the official LEGO® sets more times than you can count, alternate builds offer a fun new challenge. Figuring out how to construct something different with the same bricks requires skill, creativity and problem-solving abilities that will satisfy even expert builders.

Budget-Friendly Option

Can’t afford a fancy new LEGO® set? No problem! With some inspiration, you can transform a set you already own into something fresh and exciting. Alternate builds are a great way to get more value and play from sets you’ve had for years.

LEGO® alternate builds offer endless possibilities for creativity and adventure. So dig through your collection, pick out a classic set and get building – the forestmen would be proud! What kinds of new quests and escapades will you embark on? The adventure is yours to create!

List of Forestmen's Fortress Set Alternate Builds

There are so many wonderful alternate build options for the Forestmens Fortress set. Let your creativity run wild! Use the parts from these sets to build your own medieval village, an enchanted forest kingdom, or whatever fantastical creation you can dream up. The building possibilities are endless. Mix and match parts from different sets for even more variety.

MOC-144453 Medieval Falcon's Watchtower Pirate Model

Falcon Watchtower, this MOC is known as the “Falcon Watchtower.” It is close to the outer borders of the kingdom. An old farmer also lives there, raising pigs in a small cottage. The details included in this version are very special, including these flags and horse sheds, you can see that the lattice windows have been used to great effect, and some of the unique little details that I really like include some of the goals for archery practice, which is a welcome addition to your whole pirate theme model.

MOC-137009 Forest Men's Camp

As you can see, the greenery is indeed suitable for this medieval building, you can see a main entrance at the side entrance of the model, now this building has an extremely complex interior design, I want to show you, now as you can see, this high-rise building is connected to the lush tree trunk is a rope bridge protected by chains on both sides, full of the towering and majestic atmosphere of the border fortress, and you can look out into the distance.

MOC-134494 Archery Range Medieval Pirate Theme

This range archery field has targets for people to try shooting and even has a watchtower for looking at warnings from a distance. I have to say this chimney, it’s very realistic, the interior of the ground floor is very well designed, a lot happens here, you go into the first floor from this little stairwell in the corner, there is also a small pavilion on the other side, you can also make some personalized modifications with some red and gray tiles, reinforced floors.


MOC-116972 Medieval Castle

This black-colored castle is not only equipped with lifting working gates, drawbridges, treasure rooms, but also allows you to enter a cottage with fireplace and chimney when you open the castle; The dark and mysterious interior is curious; Adjacent to the game prison is the river and the fortress, with liftable working gates and nostalgic treasures, and the raft is a true portrayal of medieval knightly life.


MOC-148389 Medieval Lakeside County Fortress Model

A dark dungeon can be found in the basement vault. Prisoners with the necessary knowledge can break out through a secret passage in the wall. Or they convince the rat to bring them the keys. At night or when danger is imminent, these windows are simply closed. Of course, a bed should not be missing here either. To defend the gate and drawbridge, a wooden battlement can be manned, which has loopholes and machicolations. Another treasure is hidden in the detachable top of the tower. The raft that comes with it is reminiscent of the connection to the Forest Guardians, but can also be used to visit the Lion Knights. This fortress is neither too small nor too big, but just right.


Forestmen MOC

Hello friends! After a long time, I’m back with a new MOC. It’s my biggest design until now and it’s called “Forestmen Headquarters”. I tried to desgin the main camp of our beloved #forestmen, which is located in the middle of a big forest. The design was quite challanging for me and because of that, it took a lot of time to design it. In particular, the trees and their arrangement were quite tricky, but I think it looks quite good now.

Where to Buy

You’ve made it to the end of our top 5 Forestmen’s alternative build set recommendations! By now, your creative juices should be flowing with inspiration for your next LEGO castle MOC project. These kits offer so many possibilities for customization and imaginative building. Click here to know more info:

Let your creativity run wild! Use the parts from these sets to build your own medieval village, an enchanted forest kingdom, or whatever fantastical creation you can dream up. The building possibilities are endless. Mix and match parts from different sets for even more variety.

With so many wonderful ways to rebuild your pirate island, the fun in Sherwood Forest will never end. I hope these alternate build ideas inspire you to tap into your creativity and make the Forestmen’s Fortress your very own. Let me know if you have any other questions! Now get out there and bring the magic of the forestmen to life. Now get building – adventure awaits! 


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