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MOC-68151 Medieval Lions’ Castle

A Castle to match your brand new Medieval Blacksmith!

MOC-68151 Medieval Lions’ Castle

The lion head above the entrance gate at the forefront of this castle is a shining metaphor for the sheer strength and magnitude that this castle displays. The Lion’s Castle designed by SleeplessNight on rebrickable is a 7565-piece masterpiece that captures a realistic feel with the colour palette, design, and shape, combined with a unique set of custom techniques and features that push the boundaries of what a typical set can offer, selling this as the true centrepiece for any medieval display.

Inspired by medieval fortresses and half-timbered houses, the build inspires the imagination with the depth and scale one would expect from a wealthy looking homestead that looks over your kingdom. The moss and leaves crawling up the walls, combined with the tans and browns which break up the grey colour, provide a sense of age and wear to the fortress and make it beautiful to look at.
Coming in with a whopping footprint of 22 x 25.5 inches, this model does not hold back on what it offers for both display and play features. The modular nature of the set allows for each room to be removed and for the interior to be accessed, meaning you can customise every inch of this castle to your own desires.

-The beautifully tiled castle gate opens and closes in a realistic fashion, allowing you to display the king’s horses entering and exiting the fortress

MOC-68151 Medieval Lions’ Castle

-The crenelations along the walls of the castle are made from well-placed cheese wedges, providing a sturdy structure for the walls resistant to any enemy attacks.

-Loopholes – small openings along the walls to fire arrows from – can be found across the castle using a range of ingenious techniques, from double cheese wedges placed on modified bricks to the use of minifigure legs to create an artistic looking roundness to the loophole.

-The castle gate also boasts three small rooms to the left and right, allowing for customisable play from within, whether you wish to fashion a barracks, a prison cell, or quarters for exhausted guards.

-The living quarters section boasts a beautifully designed homestead of white and reddish-brown bricks, creating a uniformity with other medieval lines. The quarters hold a small brick-built bed, a writing desk, and flower boxes outside the windows for a well-off vizier or adviser to reside in.

MOC-68151 Medieval Lions’ Castle

MOC-68151 Medieval Lions’ Castle

-The prison cell and the tower beside the living quarters can be accessed by a well-placed ladder from the courtyard beside the well, overlooked by the sturdy black roof built almost entirely from upside-down modified plates with pin-holes.

-The crown (pun intended) of this masterful piece is the huge three-story tower dominating the skyline of your medieval scene, perched proudly at the rear of the fortress. Containing a pantry and kitchen, fitted with a huge stone oven; logs to fuel the fire; and a table for the cooks to sit and gossip at, the bottom floor provides a sturdy foundation which connects the rest of the castle together into a complete unit.

-The second floor, featuring a warm fireplace and royal looking throne, is the perfect place to play out your royal decrees and rule the kingdom from a place of safety, and shows the incredible spiral staircase built into the back of the fortress. The third and final story contains a second and even more beautiful brick-built bed, a bookshelf, and a private changing quarter. Each floor provides plenty of space for your own furniture and designs to flesh out the lavish lifestyle your royalty lives in.

MOC-68151 Medieval Lions’ Castle

With a standard price of $469.99 and a price-per-piece ratio of $0.062, this model sold by LighTake rivals other brands in terms of price and provides the entire kit to build this modular monster. Standing beside other medieval models, this shines among the rest in terms of size and price. The array of standard brick pieces, small unique pieces such as lion-head moulds and sloped arches, as well as printed pieces designed to look like wooden logs are all beautifully provided by LighTake in quality ABS plastic and stepping back to take a look at this model as a whole the design comes together in terms of colour, quality and stability. All products are shipped free of charge, VAT included. A parts list is available to check the integrity and stock of the parts delivered. This is a legendary piece that is not to be missed.

By Lewis Tansley

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