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8 Pirate Ships in Pirates of the Caribbean Film series | Medievalbrick

Today, the editor will introduce to you all kinds of magical sailing ships that appear in “Pirates of the Caribbean”!
In 2003, the fantasy adventure movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” produced by Disney appeared in the audience’s field of vision. Once it was released, it received rave reviews. After that, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series launched four more works, each of which was sought after and loved by movie fans. Alluring treasures, thrilling adventures, and the Caribbean Sea “rich” of pirates, everything attracts the audience’s attention. The characters of different shapes in the film use various means to pursue their own interests and dreams, but what carries this dream is the sailing ship that gallops the ocean with them. In addition to Captain Jack’s fantasy adventure, the biggest attraction is which ship will become the legendary ship with the protagonists?

1 Black Pearl

The Black Pearl, the real protagonist pirate ship in the movie, first appeared in “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl”. Formerly known as the Wicked Wench, it was a trading ship owned by the British East India Trading Company led by Beckett. Jack, who had not yet become a pirate, served as the captain of the ship. Jack was ordered to transport a batch of goods from Africa, and later he found that the goods transported were actually a group of African slaves. The kind Jack resolutely turned his back on the water and freed the slaves, so he went to prison and was branded as a pirate’s logo, the Wicked Wench Also ordered to sink to the bottom of the sea by Beckett.

The original captain of the Black Pearl was Jack, but he was betrayed by his first mate Barbossa because of the treasure, and Jack was relieved of his post as captain, and he was abandoned on a deserted island. The crew also became living dead due to the curse of the treasure;

Jack, who was expelled, was determined to find his own ship, so he did not hesitate to make a deal with David Jones, the captain of the octopus of the Flying Dutchman: 13 years after he got the ship, Jack’s soul would be in the Flying Dutchman. Worked for 100 years. As a result, the Wicked Wench was rediscovered and renamed the Black Pearl.

The Black Pearl is definitely well-equipped. She is equipped with 32 16-pound cannons (this kind of cannon was very powerful at the time). There are 14 doors on the top deck and 18 doors in the cabin. The strange thing is that the Black Pearl does not have bow and stern guns, which is very rare for a pirate ship. This means that during the pursuit battle, the Black Pearl can neither hit the target it is chasing, nor can it fight back against the pursuers behind it. The Black Pearl got rid of this unfavorable battle situation mainly by relying on its own fast speed to quickly enter a position parallel to the enemy ship to strike. In addition, because the hull and sails of the Black Pearl are black, it is beneficial for her to hide at night and go deep behind enemy lines. This is why in the first part of the movie, the Black Pearl can touch Port Royal to attack without anyone noticing. In the fifth part, Captain Barbosa, who holds a fleet in his hand, still values the Black Pearl very much, and praises it as “the fastest ship in the Caribbean Sea”.

The Black Pearl pirate ship also has its own unique pirate flag. The whole flag is black with a skull in the middle and two scimitars crossed at the mouth, which are clearly visible in white.

Speed: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The most outstanding feature of the Black Pearl is its speed. The streamlined hull and huge power make the Black Pearl extremely fast. Even the Interceptor, which claims to be the fastest battleship in the royal family, will be easily overtaken by the Black Pearl, and the faster one will be even faster under the wind. The octopus-headed Dutchman can only follow behind.

Artillery: ⭐⭐⭐

In terms of firepower, the Black Pearl’s shortcoming is that the Black Pearl is only equipped with 32 16-pound cannons, and they are all placed on the top deck and cabin. There is no bow gun or stern gun, which means that in the pursuit battle The Black Pearl cannot launch artillery strikes on the enemy ships in front of and behind it. The sacrifice of artillery fire gave the Black Pearl an unparalleled speed. Usually, his fighting method was to quickly march to the parallel position of the enemy ship and fire.

People factor: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The crew of the Black Pearl are all mortals, and there is only one mortal, and only when they are cursed by ghosts, the crew who transform into undead skeletons have some indestructible buffs. But the Black Pearl has a good leader, both Jack and Barbossa are veritable pirate captains. Needless to say, Jack is resourceful and has the aura of the protagonist. Both Octopus Head and Blackbeard have to suffer from him. There is also Barbossa, who is wily, insidious and cunning. Although the personal combat power values of the crew and the captain are obviously ordinary, but they can kill Blackbeard with a trick, and dare to toughen the Norwegian sea beast if they get on the head. In addition, there are thousands of undead on the sea, and Captain Jack will provoke half of the ” “Great reputation”, intelligence value, courage value, hatred value are all very strong.

2 The Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman in the film is the ship of the sea monster-Davy Jones, and it is responsible for escorting the dead souls who died at sea to the underworld. Except for the sailing speed when the wind is down, the ship is superior to the Black Pearl in other aspects, and its biggest feature is its fast speed and ability to dive. In the film, the ship is also alive, because the crew on the ship cannot leave the ship for the rest of their lives until they merge into the ship and become a part of the ship.

The fabled story of the Flying Dutchman has many versions in nautical lore, related to the medieval legend of Captain Falkenberg) who bet his soul at dice with the devil and was cursed in the North Sea Back and forth non-stop until Judgment Day. The Flying Dutchman, also translated as the Flying Dutchman, is a legendary ghost ship that can never return home and is destined to sail adrift on the sea. The Flying Dutchman is usually spotted from a distance, sometimes with a ghostly glow. It is said that if other ships greet her, her crew will try to send a message to the land or long dead people. In sea lore, encounters with this phantom ship were seen by voyagers as a portent of doom. In German, it is used to indicate a state of continuous flight, describing the tragic fate of the cursed Dutchman who is always drifting on the sea, sailing around, but never being able to land.

Captain: 170 feet, Armament: 20 36-pounders, 18 24-pounders, several 6-pounders, 2 bow triples.

Speed: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Dutchman is extremely fast and possesses diving skills. At sea, only the Black Pearl can catch up to him.

Artillery: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Flying Dutchman’s firepower is excellent, the most eye-catching is the triple gun on the bow, which has a strong strike capability.

People factor: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Captain David Jones had a romantic entanglement with the goddess of the sea, and then he was hurt by the love and gave up his pick, so he turned into an octopus head. The crew of the Dutchman were also implicated and turned into cursed monsters. They were forced to work on the ship. The two captains, Octopus Head and Will Turner, are characters whose hearts are immortal and I am immortal. They belong to Xiaoqiang who can’t be beaten to death. Coupled with Octopus Head’s pet Kraken, Davy Jones in his heyday definitely has a sea ceiling. level of combat power.

3 Queen Anne's Revenge

The Queen Anne’s Revenge was a notorious pirate ship formerly known as the Concorde and the Concorde of Nantes. Magnificent and stunningly beautiful, she was a beast of the sea, the legendary vessel of the seven seas that terrified pirates on the high seas. Cutting a passage quickly across the open sea, the Revenge relies on formidable defenses and deadly weapons. The Queen Anne’s Revenge is said to have sailed laden with riches and treasures looted from its hapless victims.

Filled with cannons and nailed bones everywhere, the Queen Anne’s Revenge was the flagship of the notorious pirate Blackbeard. At his command, the fearsome ship is armed with the undead, and whether the soulless crew is a voodoo or a zombie, awaits a fatal sentence that repels all who board the ship. The Revenge comes to life as long as its captain wields the Sword of Triton, and the ship obeys his unyielding will and spreads horrific blood. According to legend, the Queen Anne’s Revenge is decorated with the skeletons of Blackbeard’s victims, and the Greek fire on the bow can burn enemy ships to ashes, and is sometimes used on unfavored crew members.

HMS Queen Anne’s Revenge is a three-masted frigate. Her stern is decorated with crimson and gold, and the name that made the ship notorious. Legend has it that the Revenge was built by Blackbeard’s captives, but upon closer inspection, it was indeed constructed from their bodies. Blackbeard kept the grisly bones and skeletons of his captives as trophies, and displayed them in unusual ways. The bow and stern of the ship are decorated with countless small skulls, and the outer wall of Blackbeard’s cabin is inlaid with countless skulls, so that the outer shell of the ship is much harder. She is like a colossus, and the Queen Anne’s Revenge comes to life when its captain wields the sword of Triton. The ship then does as its captain wishes, with a bloody awakening, spreading terror.

Below the stern rudder is the captain’s cabin. The captain’s cabin is used by Blackbeard, and it looks more like an evil wizard’s study. The nightmarish colors painted on the stained-glass windows can also be seen on the stern of the Revenge, a undead in flames, a symbol of evil. This window made the captain’s cabin, and the whole Queen Anne’s Revenge, look diabolically brutal.

Like other pirate ships, the Queen Anne’s Revenge had her own Jolly Roger. Blackbeard used two different styles of the Jolly Roger on the Revenge. The first flag featured a horned skull holding a goblet in one hand and a spear in the other, as if toasting his captives – this was later used on the figurehead design of the Revenge. The second banner is a large flaming skull, symbolizing Blackbeard’s passion for the forbidden Dark Arts.

Queen Anne’s Revenge was armed with 38 eighteen-pounder cannons. Her firepower is powerful enough to seriously damage a ship. The secret weapon at the bow is based on the Greek fire of the Byzantine Empire. Released from the skull at the bow, a spray of sulfur spewed flames with hellish terror. The stern of the Revenge was lit with whale oil lamps.

Speed: ⭐⭐⭐

The Revenge, which used to be a merchant ship, was not outstanding in speed, but he once successfully attacked the fastest Black Pearl on the sea. Although it relied on magic and sorcery, this shows that the speed of the Revenge is still faster than most pirate ships .

Artillery: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Revenge’s firepower was excellent when it was still a merchant ship. After Blackbeard succeeded, he doubled the number of artillery on the Revenge. And a set of Greek fire injection devices was added to the bow. The flames ejected belonged to a liquid combustion agent that could burn at sea.

People factor: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Blackbeard, the captain of the Vengeance, is a master of black magic. He has a sword of Triton, which is said to be forged from the lost Atlantis. Blackbeard can use this sword to cast magic and bring the Vengeance back to life. , fighting Blackbeard on the Revenge will undoubtedly be absolutely suppressed. Most of the crew of the Revenge are zombies driven by Blackbeard, and their supernatural bodies are undoubtedly stronger than ordinary pirate crew.

4 Silent Mary

The Silent Mary appeared on the warship of the ghost captain Salazar in “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”. It is a battleship of the Spanish Navy. Captain Salazar, with the outstanding firepower of the Mary, deterred countless pirates, and even defeated the British Navy. Later, he was lured by Jack to drive into the Devil’s Delta, hit a rock and sank. The Silent Mary was thus cursed and turned into a ghost ship.

The skeleton structure has 4 masts, a length of 55 meters, a displacement of 1,000 tons, several long decks, and a very high poop. The draft is 8 meters, and there is a stone statue at the bow, which has good battery life. There are 140 artillery pieces.

It sank countless pirate ships when it was not sunk, and shocked all directions. Once besieged by 4 pirate ships, but with its excellent cannon and the captain’s decisive decision, the pirate fleet was wiped out. He also defeated the British army and defended Spain’s maritime sovereignty. So Salazar is known as the “butcher of the sea”. Nothing can stop the Silent Mary…


Until one day, the Silent Mary defeated all the pirate kings and the sea was about to return to calm. Salazar met a boy—Jack Sparrow. Jack used tricks to attract the attention of the Silent Mary and lure him into the Devil’s Triangle. Cursed, he and the crew have become ghosts, dead ghosts, and the Silent Mary has also become a ghost ship. But because of the seal of Jack’s compass, they have been trapped in the devil’s delta.

By chance, Jack traded a compass for a bottle of wine, and the compass released Jack’s inner fear – Captain Salazar. Salazar and his party are free. Silent Mary was tattered from rocks and explosions, and every mast was snapped. The hull became like a skeleton, and Salazar could manipulate the sides of the ship to open, and the beams of the ship bent like a huge mouth, biting down on other ships and killing them with one blow. Most of the crew members are incomplete, some have only half a head, some have no feet, and some have only a tattered hat, a severed hand, and a sole of a foot. They can walk on water, but cannot go ashore. The stone statue on the bow can also be resurrected to attack the enemy. Silent Mary can also summon Zombie Sharks. Captain Salazar uses these weapons to exact revenge on Jack and the pirates.

Speed: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

As the former Spanish maritime overlord, the Marie has excellent speed and endurance.

Artillery: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The powerful gunfire is a distinctive feature of the Mary. The warships of a country are not comparable to merchant ships and ordinary pirate ships. The Mary has a full 140 cannons, and a single salvo can tear a large pirate ship to pieces. Superior firepower is also the main basis for Spain to defend its maritime sovereignty.

People factor: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Known as the “butcher of the sea”, Salazar was an excellent general, and after being cursed, he became an undead monster. He could manipulate the Mary, making the ship’s sides open and the beams bent like a big mouth , biting and devouring enemy ships. He can also use the Mary to summon sharks, and he is often invincible against enemies in the sea. However, after being cursed, the famous “Sea Butcher” lost his usual calmness and wanted revenge, which made him feel a little bit ironic, which is also his weakness. Likewise, the Marie’s crew is mostly half-assed, cursed undead, the kind of skeletal skeletons that can bite you with their heads knocked off.

5 HMS Endeavor

The Endeavor is one of the flagships of the East India Company in the Caribbean, and her owner is Lord Cutler Beckett. The Endeavor, which Beckett is riding on, has 104 cannons and is expected to have a displacement of around 3,000 tons. Once Jack Sparrow escaped from the Endeavor and destroyed the Endeavor’s mast, causing Beckett to wait for several hours before catching up with the Black Pearl. In the end, the Endeavor was sunk by the Flying Dutchman and the Black Pearl. Beckett’s body fell on the flag of the East India Company, showing his love of work and the beautiful qualities of the motherland.

HMS ENDEAVOR is one of the first-class sailing battleships, with 104 super-powerful guns, and was once one of Beckett’s flagships. The ship was built in 1720 and sunk in 1740. That is the year mentioned in Pirates of the Caribbean in 1740. This 20-year-old first-class sailing battleship is still powerful, but it has been sunk by the ships of Jack Sparrow and Will Turner. She is based on Nelson’s flagship Victory.

6 Queen

The Queen appeared in “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”. The ship is a three-masted small and medium-sized ship, a typical Chinese classical sailing ship; the ship is equipped with 15 cast iron cannons; the captain of the Queen is Sao Feng, Singapore’s pirate overlord is also one of the world’s pirate leaders 1. It has a nautical chart that records and hides wonderful locations around the world. This nautical chart also rescued Captain Jack. The pirate overlord Sao Feng also died in “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”.

7 Dying Gull

The Dying Seagull appeared in “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”. The ship is a sloop. The Dying Seagull is old, but still strong enough to float on the water. It consists of five sails and a rear schooner It consists of a mast-sail; it consists of 8 muzzles, and 1 rotary gun; but there are no visible cannons on the deck.

8 HMS Interceptor

HMS Interceptor appeared as a battleship of the Royal Navy in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl”. Captain Jack stole the Interceptor to retake the Black Pearl; in the movie, the Interceptor had a battle with the Black Pearl; but regardless In terms of speed, it was far inferior to the Black Pearl in terms of equipment and firepower. The strength was too great, and it was sunk by the Black Pearl.

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