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7 Best Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is approaching again, have you bought gifts for your father? While most of our fathers are more serious than mothers, they also long for gifts from their children. As time goes by, father is such an important role in our life that we must express our gratitude to him during the annual festival.

Here’s a look at the unique gifts our website can help you come up with

Delight a Castle-mad dad

1. MOC-68151 Medieval Lions’ Castle🏰



If your father is a castle maniac, then you must not miss this castle. This is the largest lion castle in the world, and it’s a really cool castle that your dad will love. This lion castle has been completely upgraded. The previous lion castle only had a castle, but now it includes a castle, a new color box and a U disk manual.


So it must be a very pleasant gift.


2. MOC Modular Medieval Castle Building Blocks Set🏰🌲🗡️

This is a newly designed castle by brick_fan_uy, it consists of eight parts and is a model among the castles. You can freely combine, or add some plates. This castle is perfect for self-creation, which allows dads to DIY some creations and can bring some happy hours to the fathers.

Eight parts:
– Modular wall
– Modular tower
– Modular gatehouse
– Modular blacksmith
– Modular stables
– Modular Staircase
– Modular Chapel
– Well

3. Medieval Pirate Ghost Ship Building Blocks MOC 🗡️


If your father is a big fan of this medieval ship, this series of ships should not be missed. The collection, which includes two ships, Black Pearl and Queen Anne’s Revenge, is the work of BrickMOCBay over a period of several months, the product is very detailed and historic.


Black Pearl and Queen Anne’s Revenge are both very famous ships in history. The author designed these two ships according to history. People may also think of the relevant history when assembling these two building block ships.

4. MOC-110420 The Terrifying Charon’s Chest Pirate Ship

From CaptainBarbatos, Equipped with multiple facilities, the set is rich in details.This ship was created from bones and rotten woods by his returned captain J.Blackheart, thanks to a dark magic that allows him to give life to the bones!

After we posted it to the Facebook group, it got a lot of likes. So I thought it would be a good gift idea.

Delight a Blacksmith Series-mad dad

5. MOC-72838 Medieval Tavern

“This moc of a medieval tavern with inn was created to be presented together with the 21325 LEGO Medieval Blacksmith. It is about 28cm high and therefore fits perfectly with the blacksmith.

The moc features a tavern with kitchen, an open cooking area and a closed fireplace on the ground floor, two bedrooms, one of them with a fireplace and a “toilet”, on the first floor and a straw bed, some stored items and a clothesline on the second floor. Since not every corner of the attic is frequently visited, a rather large spider has moved in and is now guarding a small treasure in the back corner.

So it’s perfect for giving to dad.

6. Medieval Blocks Street Scene Town Windmill Building Modeln

The 1824PCS building blocks set comes with multiple details, including rotatable windmill, trees, carriage, other ancient scenes and beautifully printed components.

The color is so striking, you can spot it right away, and it’s very detailed. After being assembled, the windmill will move, and it is very beautiful to put on the table.

Delight a Viking Style-mad dad

7. The Viking Longhouse MOC Medieval Village Complete Set

Great work from brick_fan_uy, a great Viking series, this set was also a huge milestone for him and cost him a lot of time.

Once this work was launched, it was also highly praised by many people, and set off a Viking craze for a while. So this product is very suitable to buy for my father. 🍺🎉

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