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3 Reasons Why MOC Medieval Blacksmith Is Historically Accurate?

There are three reasons why a good medieval blacksmith is historically accurate.

1. overhangs

these overhangs also called jettying,which is a very abundant feature of medieval houses. it creates more space which is great and it protects the bottom foundation from rain. the size of the foundation used to be proportional to the amount of taxes owners had to pay so a lot of owners avoided these taxes by having small foundations at the bottom and creating larger spaces on top.

2. white walls

white walls represent a so-called waddle and dope construction which was very prevalent in medieval times. this was a way to build walls by filling the gaps created by the timber frame using essentially dirt and water. this dirt wall was then painted by water resistant white wash to protect the dirt from erosion. hence the white color over time. however this wash would peel off and the wall would turn yellow which would require a repaint.

3. sharp angled roofs

many medieval houses had a very sharp angled roof to allows now which could get very heavy in winter to slide down easily having sharp angled roof, also created more vertical space and reduced the need for buildingtall walls.

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