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12 MOC Christmas Village Alternate Builds For Lego Lovers

O, wind, if summer comes, can winter be far behind? While everyone else is catching some summer rays, the early bird building blocks enthusiasts are already gearing up for the “winter” season – the brand new winter collection has unveiled its mysterious charm. has many unique small winter village MOC designs that can meet the advantages of building and building diverse scenes. The Winter Village line sets have quickly become one of most favorites and this wonderful edition will not disappoint. Just imagine, your family and friends will be attracted and applauded by it if you put your village under our Christmas tree! check the following Complete Guide of LEGO Alternate from Medievalbrick.

1309 Church MOC Alternate Build 

In history, Lego has only released the last and only church in 1957 set 1309. what a pity! In medievalbrick, you can easily find two different style sets of winter church mocs for building your religious winter village. No matter if you are a fan of gothic architecture, just pick one in any Christmas village display.

MOC-147549 Winter Country Church by BigBobsBricks ($146.99 – 1,808PCS )  View 


MOC-58208 Gothic Winter Church by Little_Thomas ($109.99 – 1074PCSView 


10229 Winter Village Cottage Alt Build View

It is not just about Christmas, it is about having fun building a set with lots of detail to enjoy and share with others. What a great time to build such a village set with your kids in winter. In Medievalbrick, you can find many winter moc sets which are well constructed, fits together well, is of a sensible scale, and has a tremendous amount of detail. It is sturdy and attractive and makes a great display piece. and price friendly to everyone.

MOC-92758 Winter Cabin is the best 10229 alt builds, which boasts the fence makes the home feel more welcoming, was a gigantic leap for your christmas village series, a sweet home amidst the icy wilderness! 


10275 Elf Club House Alt Build  View

If you are fan of the retired 10275 set, I strongly recommend this 3500pcs Winter Mountain Cabin Santa Claus set. Kids who love a winter wonderland with heaps of snow will absolutely adore this set. 

As a substitution to the Elf Club House 10275, there are more awesome details like the gifts prepared by Santa Claus on the ground.


10308 Holiday Main Street Alt Build  View

If you want to build and display a street view winter village, I recommend MOC-79497. 

MOC-79497 Winter Christmas Street Scene is undoubtedly the best alternative to 10308 Holiday Main Street, and the compact design provides a variety of visual colors.

41323 Snow Resort Chalet Alt Build  View

Looking for a perfect place to spend your winter time? Compared with 41323 Snow Resort Chalet, this set is more like an airtight vacation cabin, satisfying your yearning for a fairy tale world like no other, and soothing even the most restless heart.

10235 Winter Village Market Alt Build  View

Here’s a set that’s a whole different kind of Winter Village Market dreamy – MOC-56563 Winter Wonderland Village! This scene looks straight out of wonderland, with the realistic sound of the train whistle, the gentle curl of smoke, and the big ol’ clock hanging high, begging the kids to come home for dinner. so does the playground and chapel.

10267 Gingerbread House Alt Build

And who could forget the childhood fairy tale of the candy-covered house? this Christmas, you can pick a smaller one for your kids and a bigger moc set for you. you’ve got to together experience building a Winter Gingerbread House. It’s a fantastic family activity!

MOC-115850 Winter Chalet Gingerbread House by Brickproject  ( $279.99 – 3125PCS)  View


DIY Christmas Gingerbread House Model with Light Building Blocks Set ($53.99 – 1481PCS+)View


 10216 Winter Village Bakery Alt Build

 I love MOC-114444 bakery sets because they allow and encourage the children to use their imaginations. The stories they made up as they played with the family, imagining the snow and winter fun was priceless. It’s nice to see girls have fun with bakery moc in winter. It was a hit! MOC-114444 is the best girl 10216 altnative builds.  View

10259 Winter Village Station Alt Build  View

No childhood is complete without train blocks. It’s time for the Christmas 4-in-1 Winter Train! what a fun time to see the train running under the Christmas tree. best 10259 Winter Village Station alt builds ever for children.

21343 Viking Village Set Alt Build  View

it’s said that 21343 Viking Village  might be added to the official collection. before thet release it, you can have a look at this modular viking house set by brick_fan_uy.simple but detailed.

The complete guide of how to make a Christmas village above ends, is there a new member of your Christmas village list in the Christmas team’s squad? So, let’s build up our Winter Village MOCs and indulge in the Best Small Christmas Gift Ideas and Special Christmas Gift Ideas for Lego Fans! Create your own Christmas village, and you’ll be spreading holiday cheer one brick at a time! Whether you’re looking for a holiday project for your family or your a fan of building blocks this set is sure to delight both the young and old.

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