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Medieval Donjon Forest Mens Camp Unboxing Review

Medieval Donjon & Forest Men’s Camp | Unboxing & Review

Two new sets arrival from the Medievalbrick – MOC-130733 Medieval Donjon  (extension for 10305 – designed and authorized by Campistron) and MOC-137009 Forest Men’s Camp (fitting to 10305 – designed and authorized by lux.bricks).


Both sets arrived from seller Everything was properly packaged and arrived in just six days. The dimensions of the box are 37 x 27 x 7 cm.If you are interested in this topic, you will find a really wide selection from various designers on


1.MOC-137009 Forest Men’s Camp

First I would like to introduct MOC-137009 Forest Men’s Camp designed and authorized by lux.bricks. The weight of the overall package is 1,100g.

 The set contains over 1,148 pieces. We cannot find the plan either in paper form or on flash drive, but you can easily download it via the QRcode link. There is a paper written some notes needed to attention.

No part was missing, everything is of good quality.


The instructions are clear and easy to follow. My eight-year-old son managed the construction without any problem. There is a sample of the instructions.The range of parts is varied (there is greenery, details in the form of weapons or a cauldron), but there are not too many colors here. Gray, black and various shades of brown plus green in the plants predominate. In addition to the demolished towers, the park is also dominated by a massive tree. A large portion of these Plant Leaves 6×5 (item 2417) is intended for his treetop.


The set does not include minifigures, but there is one horse. The horse is packed in a disassembled state. But it is so easy to assemble. The assembled horse is equipped with rotatable legs with sufficiently strong and flexible joints, providing multiple shape.


The finished model looks very   realistic and sophisticated, nice details like a shelter with beds or a well and a fireplace.  Here you can compare the scale with the size of the minifigure its a pity that there is no medieval knight minifigure in the set.

The minifigure and the horse can move everywhere, which is more playable.

The space of the courtyard is filled with various accessories - a bucket, a kettle, a sponge, weapons, stones, etc.Here is a small trap in the form of drawbridge.A staircase allows you to climb the stone wall.

So that is a short introduction to the first set-the model

2.MOC-130733 Medieval Donjon

The second set is sold under the name MOC-130733 Medieval  Donjon, licensed  from designer   Campistron. It is inoticeably  heavier with the weight of 2,115g, and the number of pieces has also increased to a respectable 1845.Also, there is no manual here,only a QR code with a download link.The box is full to the brim,with a total of 1,845 pieces.Not a single brick was missing, all parts are of good quality. 

In addition to the gray color, they are also abundantly represented in dark blue for the conical roof of the tower.The set is thematically suitable for example with Lego set 10305, and even directly on we can find other buildings suitable for connection with this one.Everything is clear. The model is modular, so it can be built in parts. Thanks to the option to build the model in parts, both my younger sons could participate in its construction at the same time. The construction took them several hours, but it was manageable for both of them (six and eight years old) without any complications.





The building is   detailed both externally and internally.There are decorative architectural elements and interior fittings. The finished tower has a monumental impression. The open sides serve to connect with other fortification elements of the entire castle.

The roof is placed freely on the tower,so it is not a problem to remove it and marvel at the interior.Under the roof we can see a room with a scriptorium-one book is just open for reading or writing.This part of the tower is also removable (held on four studs).And we go down one floor below-there is a chapel with a cross-shaped window and a bay window.

We are on the ground floor-here is a representative room with a chair for the ruler of the castle. The legs of the minifigure are humorously used as decorative elements of the ornate throne.all that remains is the cellar with the secret entrance to the castle catacombs hidden behind a sliding shelf.The catacombs are also very accessible after uncovering the upper part.

In conclusion, the review of the  Medieval Donjon and Forest Mens Camp building block sets from the Medievalbrick has highlighted the exceptional quality and creativity that these sets offer. The Medieval Donjon set takes builders on a journey back in time with its intricately designed medieval castle, allowing for immersive storytelling and imaginative play. On the other hand, the Forest Mens Camp set provides a unique outdoor adventure experience, complete with detailed cabins and nature-inspired elements. Both sets showcase the stores commitment to delivering top-notch building block sets that captivate builders of all ages. With their high-quality craftsmanship and endless possibilities for play, the Medieval Donjon and Forest Mens Camp sets are sure to delight building enthusiasts and ignite their imaginations.

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