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Gobricks vs LEGO, Who’s More Expensive?

When we play with building blocks and need accessories or replacement components, we usually think of Gobricks or DoubleEagle, among other domestic names. However, when purchasing parts from the official Gobricks store, some parts can be more expensive than LEGO, and in some cases, much more expensive when the percentage is taken into account.

Recently, I made a comprehensive comparison and analysis of the prices of Gobricks and LEGO parts. The following list of LEGO parts with good value for money, includes:

(Note: The LEGO prices mentioned above are mainly based on search results from Taobao. The prices may not correspond to the exact colors due to a limited color selection for some LEGO parts. For example, if red was out of stock at the time, the price might reflect the price of the blue color.)

The prices listed under “Gobricks/Other Domestic Brands” are mostly discounted prices from the official Gobricks store on Taobao, but for some parts that Gobricks doesn’t have, the prices reflect those of alternative domestic brands. As we can see, these LEGO parts with good value for money include some commonly used parts, such as the #2780 Black Friction Pin and the # 4519 Cross Axle. It is worth mentioning that I’m not saying that the prices at the Gobricks official store are too expensive. As a brand highly sought after by players in China for their high-quality building particles, the parts’ price of Gobricks is based on the actual manufacturing costs of each part, the cost of sorting parts, and other operational costs related to e-commerce. Especially considering the need to keep a stock of parts in various specifications and models available, the turnover rate of inventory is relatively slow. Therefore, personally, I support the parts’ pricing of Gobricks. Then, what is the best way to get Gobricks parts at the right price in your opinion?

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