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MOC Designer Talk – Sir Perceval

1. Please introduce yourself to the readers of Medievalbrick.

Hello Knights of the Brick! My name is Sir Perceval, or also known as Markus. I come from the south of Germany. By profession I am a historian - though not for the Middle Ages. My private historical interest lies in Roman/Greek antiquity and the Middle Ages, and here of course especially everything to do with knights and castles. I grew up in the 90s and thus grew up with the classic knight and castle sets or the pirate world of Lego. And today I would like to revive this world a little bit with my models - only one size bigger. I also show my models and design processes on my YouTube channel, where you can also have a say in how the models develop - from planning to the finished set.

2. I read your latest work of Medieval Castle (MOC-131299), which is impressive and eye-catching. Can you share your design philosophy?

As a child of the 90s, I grew up with Lego castles - that was always my favourite theme. However, when I came out of the Dark Ages again a few years ago, there were hardly any more knight or medieval-themed models from Lego. So I decided to build my own castle, according to my wishes and ideas. So the idea was born and I started to plan and build. When designing, it was important to me to preserve a certain flair of the past knight models, i.e. to build more classically. I also thought in large dimensions right from the start. I wanted to build a castle on a miniature scale. Furthermore, I wanted to build my castle as detailed as possible, it should also be modular, so that you can take out each building for yourself, remove each floor and it is then completely furnished. This gives you the opportunity to discover an infinite number of things. It was also important to me that everything made sense. All floors should be accessible via paths or stairs, doors should work. Everything should simply look coherent.

3. I find you prefer to design super big MOC bricks. Take the medieval castle as an example, how much time did you spend designing this moc? What difficulties or interesting things did you encounter during the design process?

I prefer to make large models, and I have made smaller ones in the meantime, but the large ones are still my favourite. Just letting the ideas grow and grow, expanding and creating not only a model, but also a world and story around it. I can't say exactly how long it took me to build the castle. But between the first sketches and the finished model, about 1 to 1.5 years passed. I also took turns again and again. Since I planned in modules, I always designed a module, then built it, designed the next module again and built it again. So it was a constant alternation between planning and building. That also keeps you motivated when you don't always have to do the same thing. The biggest difficulties, however, were making sure that everything fit together and was stable. The completely modular construction method was therefore not always easy to implement. But in the end everything worked out.

4. I saw and was impressed by a photo on your personal IG account. It's a portrait of a mini knight. I saw its loneliness. Do you think knight culture has an influence on professional MOC designers like you?

I wouldn't say that a knight philosophy has played a big role for me. My inspirations usually come from my imagination and are based more on my own ideas. As well as visits to castles and historical sources. I'm also aware, for example, that it's not a historically accurate castle, but an imagined castle and in many areas a romanticised idea. But of course, afterwards, when the castle is finished, you feel as proud as a knight or lord of the castle.

5. As an independent MOC designer, what do you think are the unique styles and advantages of your building block design?

I think that in any case you can mention here that my castle is modular and very detailed. It's not only big, but everything makes sense in it. Where there is a door or a window, there is a room behind it, there is no hidden inside, everything is just accessible and discoverable. It's also the case that I make my designs, but I also present them on my YouTube channel and let the viewers participate. They can therefore influence the design and development of the model. I did that with the last castle and I'm doing it again with my new castle project, which will be even 3 times bigger than the previous castle.

6. As a building block lover, what do you think of the relationship between Lego building blocks and Chinese?

In general, I don't build ready-made sets as much as I like to design my own models. I move in both worlds. I use bricks from Lego as well as from other manufacturers for my models. I don't make such a big difference. Most of the time, it's more the availability and the price or what I'm designing the models for that decide. Some parts are cheaper from Lego, others from alternative manufacturers.

7. How do you balance commercial value and personal pursuit in the process of MOC design?

In the beginning, I didn't really think commercially - and still don't, actually. For example, I hadn't planned to make instructions for the castle, that came later. I didn't know whether anyone would be interested in such a large model and whether the instructions or the model would be bought. I just want to design models and let my fantasy run free. It's just a hobby and not my main job. If others like it and then buy my instructions or models, that is of course very nice and enables me to continue, but I don't see myself as a commercially oriented designer.

8. Some people say: "If there is no enthusiasm, the designer has no soul", but it is undeniable that a job will be boring after a long time. How do you maintain this enthusiasm and enthusiasm during your MOC life?

Of course there are always phases when it's not so much fun to build, to design or to make new videos for the YouTube channel. I think such highs and lows are quite normal - especially with such large long-term projects as I am pursuing. That's why I always try to bring in a lot of variety, i.e. to find a balance between designing and building or just designing completely different things in between. After the castle I made small and large models of Roman antiquity, so completely different things and now I'm back in the Middle Ages and building a new castle and putting all my enthusiasm into it. What comes next after the castle or along the way, time will tell.

9. If you have the opportunity to travel to the future, which minifigure do you plan to take as your travel companion?

Travelling into the future? Why not into the past 😉

10. Please leave a question to the next MOC designer who Medievalbrick might interview .

If you had no restrictions (on money, colors, choice of bricks): What kind of model would you most like to build/design?
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