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MOC Designer Talk – Lux.bricks

1. Please introduce yourself to the readers of Medievalbrick

My name is Lukas, I’m 26 years old and I live in Austria. I work as a teacher and love to work with children.

2.How did you initially discover MOC bricks and embark on your journey of being a MOC designer?

As a child, I always loved to build with lego bricks. Between 15-24, I had my dark age. That means, that during this time I lost my interest in bricks. In 2020, during the pandemic, I was a bit bored and so I decided to build allmy old sets again. Since this moment, my motivation is back and I started to design my own MOCs.


3.You Know what? People are attracted by your design of Forest Men’s Camp and Archery Range MOCs. They are simple but informative. What a great medieval brick scene! As a designer yourself, what do you think make them unique among so many MOC designs?

That’s a hard question. I think all MOC designers are doing a great job and it’s fascinating how much creativity is out there. Personally, I love MOCs which complement each other and so I try to design my MOCs with similarities in roof color/design, wall structure and tree building techniques. I think that’s a good way to create a whole medieval world which has fascinated me since I was a child.

4.It's said that "Forestmen Headquarters" is one of your biggest MOC designs, which was inspired by one of your favorite movies, can you share more details with us?

Yeah, the “Forestmen Headquarters” is my biggest MOC until now with about 3000 parts. Although I’m not finished yet, I posted some pictures of the current status on instagram and the feedback was great. I hope that I can finish the MOC and the instructions in the next few weeks.
Indeed, the inspiration for the MOC came from the movie “Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves”. I love the movie and the medieval atmosphere in it. There is something noble in these pack of outlaws that motivated me to design their main camp with bricks.

source: by @privatetulip in Reddit

5.How long did it take you to design the MOC brick "Forestmen Headquarters"? What preparations have you made during this process?

Until now, I spent about 60 hours in planning and designing the MOC. Most of the time I sketch my ideas with pencil and paper and then I start to design with the program I would love to build more with real bricks, but unfortunately, I don’t have that many bricks at home.

6. What was the hardest part for you while designing the MOC brick"Forestmen Headquarters"?

Definitely the trees and the tree house. Designing natural things with bricks is not easy and so it took me a lot of time to design them.

7. Which part of the building block design "Forestmen Headquarters" do you like the most?

The treehouse is on the left side. I think it fits quite well to the tree and makes the whole MOC look much better.

8. When designing MOC bricks , Which aspects do you prioritize the most? Why?

Like I said before, I like similarities in a MOC series. My goal is that people see that the MOCs are fitting each other. Beside that, I always like play features (which are not easy to design) and I try to get more stability in my MOCs. In this last point, I still have to improve myself.

9.Have you envisioned the future, and what kind of unique MOC creations do you plan to showcase in terms of creativity and style?

That’s a hard question and I can’t answer it. To design a MOC is a creative process that can’t be planned.
Sometimes I wake up with a new idea and I sketch it immediately. But there are also times, where I don’t have new ideas. You can’t force it.

10. Do you have any advice for people who is new to MOC bricks?

Just start designing. In my opinion, to get the ability to design MOCs, you have to do it. Everyone is creative and has creative ideas. So just give yourself a chance!

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