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10 Top MOC Bricks for Dad – Buy Now at has prepared a Father’s Day MOC brick gift list for you for every budget, check it out! To make it easier to find the perfect gift for dad. All you have to do is click the link to order a Father’s Day present that will surprise every dad!

I clearly remember that my first set of block building toys was bought by my father with private money when I was sick at the age of 7, and I just finished the injection and cried non-stop. At that time, I thought it was amazing that a bunch of small bricks became a beautiful three-dimensional model by putting them together. So I often pester my dad to do this and that for me, and I just sit by the side and look at those building blocks. After a while, it turns into an airplane, and within five minutes in my hand, it becomes a pile of building blocks. , and then let my dad build a car for me. This is my first memory of building blocks.

When I was young, I thought my father was an omnipotent superman, and his shoulders were the watchtower from which I saw the world. When I grew up, I realized that my father was also an ordinary person, and the direction I walked was my father’s gaze.

Do you still remember the time when our father played with toys with us when we were young? June 18, which is this Sunday, will be Father’s Day in 2023. Have you figured out how to celebrate? In addition to going home to visit often, having a meal with my father and talking on the phone, I specially prepared a Father’s Day MOC building block gift idea list for everyone. Let’s relive those heartwarming moments with dad playing with toys this holiday season.


The Dutch windmill series has always been my recommended medieval MOC sets. Easy to use, not too bulky, and moderately priced. It’s suitable for those friends who have a small budget. The finished product after spelling is especially suitable for a table decoration. Especially for windmill lovers.

Mocsage Dutch Windmill Medieval MOC Bricks Set 2296PCS by PeetersKevin


Medieval castles are undoubtedly the hottest medieval building block gift recommendation this year. It’s compatible for the MOC 10305. As long as he is a man, no matter his age, he has a hero complex, especially if he is interested in medieval culture, he makes no secret of his yearning for medieval knights. 3515 parts, enough for everyone to accompany dad to complete. Do you feel happy just thinking about this picture? Best non Lego gifts for lego lovers.


If your dad likes to assemble more difficult castles, I think this should be a perfect gift. Germany Neuschwanstein Castle, enough to bring our dad back to his childhood memories.

When it comes to German castles, one has to mention the infatuated and stubborn Ludwig II. There are many different castles in Germany, and many famous castles are under his name. Among them, he is the cousin of the well-known Princess Sissi. It is said that he has been secretly in love with Princess Sissi. When the new castle was not yet completed, Princess Sissi gave him a porcelain swan. So Ludwig II named the castle Neuschwanstein Castle.


If your dad usually likes to watch pirate movies, Pirate City is undoubtedly your first choice. After the finished pirate MOC is put together, it can be placed in the display cabinet at home, which is very cool. Can also be used as a decoration. Are you ready to set sail on an adventure in the history of MOC classic pirates? Give Dad a set of pirate building blocks, let’s go treasure hunting in history together.


Amusement park, a fairyland that makes people forget the mundane world. In the amusement park, both children and adults can have fun. Pirate ship, a popular item in amusement parks, you can basically find it in any amusement park of any size. Take a swaying pirate ship in the amusement park and enjoy the heart stimulation brought by the weightlessness. This is almost one of the reserved items in the amusement park. If you love pirate ships as much as I do, now you might be able to take that excitement home with the moc project Pirate Ship Ride, created by the designer CaptainBarbatos. Restart childhood memories, try this pirate ship, and make up for childhood regrets. .


The Great Norman Castle MOC Set designed by Brickinger_ is a blockbuster addition to this year’s Medieval Architecture series. Although it has only been released recently, I think the design of this suit is still remarkable. If your dad is a history buff who loves British style castle. This suit is very suitable for displaying at home.


The Norman style is an artistic style gradually formed by the European people under the influence of various cultures. The Norman style was widely used in European architecture from the 11th to the 12th century. The original Saxon castle was a simple wooden building, so simple that there were no corridors. Influenced by the Norman style, the local castles have changed accordingly, and corridors have been added. In addition to absorbing the beneficial elements of the Saxon style, the Norman castle cleverly used the advantages of other architectural styles, among which the semicircular vault of the Roman castle was widely used. Carrickfergus is located on the shores of Belfast Lake. The landmark building of the town is the 12th-century Carrickfergus Castle, which is one of the oldest and best-preserved Norman castle keeps in the world.


If your dad is a viking fan, go for this viking longhouse moc set with pirate ship. Bring him up the viking tale with 6 viking moc builds. Only 226.99$. Perfect MOC gift for play and display.


 Alley’s Blacksmith is one of my favorite builds. Different room levels are easy to access with nice details. Building looks great with the georian stle. Nothing to not like with this set. 5 star recommend


if your dad has built lego lion’s knight castle before, I highly recommend this MOC-130733 Donjon!. a great extention alternative built for 10305 MOC.


The last moc set i recommend is the lion’s knight outpost. this set can let him recreat the best medieval scene. the Top 10 non-Lego MOC set ever!

Some people enjoy the building process, some people enjoy the collection, but what makes me the happiest is the moment when the results are displayed and shared with everyone. Discuss with everyone the fun of this set, what eggs, mechanisms, etc. are in it, the fun is endless. May all fathers enjoy the exclusive time of Father’s Day in MOC of parent-child assembly building blocks, and fill each other’s hearts with full of warmth. Find more last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas from

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