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Battle is the Best Arrangement Fate Gives to Medieval Knights

          Let’s  gather around and behold the most captivating, pulse-pounding duels between eras! If you ask anyone what kind of fights truly grab the audience’s attention and get their blood pumping, many would undoubtedly shout, “Historical Medieval Battles (Hereinafter referred to as HBN), of course!” Now, you might wonder if the […]

HOW Military Affect the Development European Castle?

Military is the main line of the castle from its birth, prosperity to its demise, running through the development of the castle. The birth of a castle stems from its political environment. Generally, a castle is the product of political division and separatist forces.For example, in medieval Europe, due to the implementation of the fiefdom […]


10 Medieval Gothic Cathedrals in the World

Gothic Cathedrals originating from France, is an architectural style that flourished at the peak and end of the Middle Ages. It is mainly used in churches and developed from Roman architecture After the 19th century, with the wave of Gothic revival in Europe, it spread to all parts of the world. The characteristics of Gothic architecture: […]

Best MOC Viking Village in 2022 by brick_fan_uy

Best MOC Viking Village in 2022 by brick_fan_uy By Lewis Tansley “Love the work of MOC Builder brick_fan_uy, his work feasts my eyes” Lewis Tansley The Viking Collection Medievalbrickpage: has many sets on display on, and provides a beautiful range of Nordic and Viking-inspired builds to feast our eyes and create charming, inexpensive and […]

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