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Lion Knights’ Archery Range Detailed Review by Lux.bricks

Introduction Greetings, fellow admirers of medieval wonders! I am LuxBricks, a passionate designer for MedievalBricks, and today, I am thrilled to share an enthralling adventure with you – the creation of the remarkable “Lion Knights’ Archery Range.” As a craftsman of medieval-themed MOCs, the journey to design and build an archery range was an absolute […]

8 Pirate Ships in Pirates of the Caribbean Film series | Medievalbrick

Today, the editor will introduce to you all kinds of magical sailing ships that appear in “Pirates of the Caribbean”! In 2003, the fantasy adventure movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” produced by Disney appeared in the audience’s field of vision. Once it was released, it received rave reviews. After that, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” […]

Best 6 Alternate Builds for Forestmen MOC Set | Medievalbrick

Best 6 Alternate Builds for Forestmen MOC Set | Medievalbrick

LEGO fans, rejoice! You know you’ve got the LEGO itch again. That irresistible urge to tear open a new set and start building something epic. But you’ve built all the official LEGO castle sets and you need something new to scratch that itch. Well, do we have the solution for you! Forget the instructions, forget following […]

Vote & Win Your Most Favorite MOCS By bricks_fan_uy Now!

Bricks_fan_uy, an Uruguayan MOC designer, is featured with his unique design style. The first time we cooperated with him is from the time he designed the Viking longhouse mocs. You can feel his fantastic personal charm from his clean and special design. this week, we design to do a giveaway of Gonza’s small medieval alleys […]

bricks_fan_uy Designes Fright Knights Castle Sets

🦇 🏰 Fright Knights Castle – The barbican Been working on and having fun with a castle for the Fright Knights lately. My posts from last week might have given me away on that 😂 Since there’s a number of sections to it, and a few play features too I thought I’d take it slow […]

Medieval Donjon Forest Mens Camp Unboxing Review

Medieval Donjon & Forest Men’s Camp | Unboxing & Review

Two new sets arrival from the Medievalbrick – MOC-130733 Medieval Donjon  (extension for 10305 – designed and authorized by Campistron) and MOC-137009 Forest Men’s Camp (fitting to 10305 – designed and authorized by lux.bricks). Both sets arrived from seller Everything was properly packaged and arrived in just six days. The dimensions of the box […]

Battle is the Best Arrangement Fate Gives to Medieval Knights

          Let’s  gather around and behold the most captivating, pulse-pounding duels between eras! If you ask anyone what kind of fights truly grab the audience’s attention and get their blood pumping, many would undoubtedly shout, “Historical Medieval Battles (Hereinafter referred to as HBN), of course!” Now, you might wonder if the […]

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