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The Basic Review of JING BLOCKS’s Parts

In the rapid development of domestic building blocks, there are more and more building block parts brands have joined this market. Today, let me provide you a issue of graphic reviews, from the domestic brand “JING BLOCKS”. This basic review only focuses on the appearance of the processing, mold analysis, building hand feel and other […]


3 Reasons Why MOC Medieval Blacksmith Is Historically Accurate?

There are three reasons why a good medieval blacksmith is historically accurate. 1. overhangs these overhangs also called jettying,which is a very abundant feature of medieval houses. it creates more space which is great and it protects the bottom foundation from rain. the size of the foundation used to be proportional to the amount of […]

MOC Designer Talk – Lux.bricks

1. Please introduce yourself to the readers of Medievalbrick My name is Lukas, I’m 26 years old and I live in Austria. I work as a teacher and love to work with children. 2.How did you initially discover MOC bricks and embark on your journey of being a MOC designer? As a child, I always […]

Gobricks vs LEGO, Who’s More Expensive?

When we play with building blocks and need accessories or replacement components, we usually think of Gobricks or DoubleEagle, among other domestic names. However, when purchasing parts from the official Gobricks store, some parts can be more expensive than LEGO, and in some cases, much more expensive when the percentage is taken into account. Recently, […] (8)

Medieval Donjon Lion Knight’s 10305 Alt Builds Review | Madaboutlego

The freestanding great tower, or large tower, was actually known as the donjon until the end of the 16th century AD. The name comes from French, which means the lord’s area (it was only a long time later that it evolved into “dungeon” and acquired the meaning of prison, and then it was dungeons and […]

Top 10 Eldorado Fortress 10320 Alternate Builds Pirate Set

Exciting news! LEGO has just announced another captivating series that is sure to catch your attention. Introducing the much-anticipated set, 10320 Eldorado Fortress! Packed with an impressive 2509 parts, this set promises an unforgettable building experience. With an official price of 215 US dollars in the United States and 215 euros in Europe. this incredible […]

How Big is the Difference Between Building Block Parts Made in China & LEGO?

Here is A Comparison and Evaluation of LEGO, Gobricks, DoubleEagle, and MI Building Block Parts Creative Stance Statement: As a fan of building blocks, this review is entirely for fun. The sources of the building blocks are self-purchased unless otherwise stated. Nowadays, when it comes to the quality of building block parts, many newcomers to […]

MOC Designer Talk – Sir Perceval

1. Please introduce yourself to the readers of Medievalbrick. Hello Knights of the Brick! My name is Sir Perceval, or also known as Markus. I come from the south of Germany. By profession I am a historian – though not for the Middle Ages. My private historical interest lies in Roman/Greek antiquity and the Middle […]

MOC Designer Talk – Peeters Kevin

Can you briefly introduce yourself to the readers of Medievalbrick? My name is Peeters Kevin, I’m a happy 36-year-old single dad, living with my 2 boys in Belgium. During the day I’m an all-around warehouse operator, besides being pretty occupied with work, my kids, and my social life, I still seem to find time to […]

HOW Military Affect the Development European Castle?

Military is the main line of the castle from its birth, prosperity to its demise, running through the development of the castle. The birth of a castle stems from its political environment. Generally, a castle is the product of political division and separatist forces.For example, in medieval Europe, due to the implementation of the fiefdom […]

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