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10 Top MOC Bricks for Dad – Buy Now at has prepared a Father’s Day MOC brick gift list for you for every budget, check it out! To make it easier to find the perfect gift for dad. All you have to do is click the link to order a Father’s Day present that will surprise every dad! I clearly remember that my first […]

British Architecture Has More than Gothic

UK Beauty Britain was the first country to produce capitalism. Capitalism has promoted the rapid development of the British construction industry, which has transformed British architecture from the original dark and clumsy castle-type to new-style, large-scale, and high-level public buildings. On the basis of ancient Greek and Roman architectural styles, British classical architecture absorbed Italian […]

Why Windmill is a Thing to Germany?

Germany When it comes to windmills, you may immediately think of the Netherlands, the Kingdom of Windmills. but you know what? Windmills, imported from Germany, were only used for grinding flour at the beginning. In the 16th and 17th centuries, windmills were of great significance to the Dutch economy and became the source of power […]

Why People Still Like Dutch Windmill Today?

The Netherlands is known as the “Country of Windmills” in the world. Windmills, which are now regarded as tourist landmarks, were actually used for food processing, drainage and land reclamation, wood processing, etc., which played an important role in the economic development of the Netherlands. “witness”. In order to commemorate this important “hero” in development, […]

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