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MOC-68151 Medieval Lions’ Castle

A Castle to match your brand new Medieval Blacksmith!

The lion head above the entrance gate at the forefront of this castle is a shining metaphor for the sheer strength and magnitude that this castle displays. The Lion’s Castle designed by SleeplessNight on rebrickable is a 7565-piece masterpiece that captures a realistic feel with the colour palette, design, and shape, combined with a unique […]


What is the Status of Western Women In Medieval ?

The writer Hagenau’s “Rema” is a typical representative of German knight love poetry. He has a poem describing the medieval western knight’s pursuit of women: “The most noble thing I seek is what a man can do in this world. The most delightful thing to have. That is a woman, and I swear it: she […]

Work Hard,Play Harder-MOC Designer Gonzalo Carro

Work Hard,Play Harder-MOC Designer Gonzalo Carro Gonzalo Carro is one of the Top MOC designers, from Montevideo, Uruguay. He‘s humble and thinks himself just an AFOL, keeping the LEGO Castle Theme alive one MOC at a time. I recommend following on IG brick_fan_uy because of his brilliant designs and tutorials. And if you are a […]

Best MOC Viking Village in 2022 by brick_fan_uy

Best MOC Viking Village in 2022 by brick_fan_uy By Lewis Tansley “Love the work of MOC Builder brick_fan_uy, his work feasts my eyes” Lewis Tansley The Viking Collection Medievalbrickpage: has many sets on display on, and provides a beautiful range of Nordic and Viking-inspired builds to feast our eyes and create charming, inexpensive and […]

What did Rabbits Symbolize in Medieval Times?

Medieval Rabbits Easter is around the corner. When we think of Easter, we usually think of rabbits. Rabbits usually give birth to a large litter of babies, and legend has it that Easter bunnies lay, decorate and hide eggs, so they are a symbol of new life. But you know what? Medieval artists also liked […]

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