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With the rapid development of medieval architectural art – Gothic church

When you travel to Europe, you will definitely encounter all kinds of magnificent Gothic cathedrals, and almost all of them are local landmarks, so do you know what are the characteristics of these buildings? How should ordinary tourists watch them? In this issue, let me use the most popular and intuitive way to learn about […]

Top 10 Medieval Gothic Churches in Europe

Contact @Medievalbrick Top 10 Medieval Gothic Churches in Europe Gothic churches quickly became popular with the rise of civil society and became the center of urban public life. It is characterized by a towering spire. In the design, the cross arch, columns, flying coupons and the strength of the new frame structure are used to […]


Buying MOC Sets? Here’s What You Should Know

Author: Lewis Tansley How To Buying Satisfactory MOC Sets?  The many brands and designs available to those of us who love and find joy in building Lego and other brick sets provide a diversity of experiences and factors which come in to play MOC when sitting down and constructing a set. Today I will speak […]

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